Updated: January 2015

Welcome to online PPP classroom!
Here you'll find everything you need to know about the Private Placement Program. Whether you already have a good knowledge or just about to get started, this classroom will provide you everything you need to know about the industry.


  1. Complete Guide to Private Placement Program - Hot***
  2. Private Placement Program described in Other Summaries
  3. Protocol for PPP / Trading of Bank Issured Securities
  4. Unterstanding PPP - In focus of Trader - Hot***
  5. Things a potential investor should know about PPP - Hot***
    1. Part 1: Understand what is required to qualify
    2. Part 2: Preliminary documents required
    3. Part 3: Procedure
    4. Part 4: Funds / Account
  6. "The Rules of the Road" Explained
  7. Private Placement Trading – What they won’t tell you - Hot***
  8. Pitfalls - Why they fail?
  9. Investor Risk?
  10. DO's and DONT's for a Candidate for Invitation to a PPP - Hot***
  11. How Private Trade Programs Generate Enormous Returns
  12. What is Trading Platform?
  13. Trading technically explained - Hot***
  14. Top 10 Secrets for PPP - Hot***
  15. "Tricks of the Trade" - working with holders of bank instruments
  16. Bank Instruments - What really is it? - Hot***
  17. Monetizing Leased Bank Instrument & SWIFT Scam
  18. Ping Programs - Are they real or Not?
  19. How to Leverage Banking Instruments for Immediate Liquidity and Greater Returns
  20. Chinese heritage funds - Bank of China and HSBC, Hong Kong 0128 & 502 - Hot***
  21. BLACKLIST - What really is it?
  22. Fighting Back Against FRAUD - How to Avoid "SCAM" Clients - Hot***
  23. A Short History Of The SEC (securities And Exchange Commission)
  24. Terms and Conditions
  25. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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