McKinley Group is dedicated to adding value by providing independent and objective information, advice, and service to help our clients meet their goals and fiduciary responsibilities.


McKinley Group represents clients in transactions that have included some of the largest and most prominent mergers and acquisitions ever accomplished. We are well recognized as a firm that can successfully and seamlessly guide clients through highly complex deals that range in size and industry. We represent many of the world's leading private equity funds, investment banks and public companies and their boards. Our deal expertise extends across a broad number of industries, including private equity, health care, technology, life sciences, financial services and retail and consumer brands.

Our combination of transaction experience and industry knowledge is a clear advantage. The synergies from our shared approach to client service are fully realized in transactions and allow us to provide pragmatic and comprehensive advice in both financial and strategic M&A activity. Our "one firm approach" enables us to build transactional teams that draw upon our significant expertise in a wide range of disciplines, including tax, intellectual property, securities, real estate, antitrust, environmental, bankruptcy, litigation, healthcare and financial services, among others.

Our services are designed to help our clients reach their strategic goals by identifying and then implementing opportunities to merge with or acquire other businesses.
The global economy means that these opportunities can arise anywhere in the world. Our global reach means that we can provide services on the ground wherever they are needed.
Many drivers can affect a deal; from regulatory restrictions to tax issues. As the world’s largest professional services organisation, we can call upon dedicated specialists to address any specific challenges that may arise.


The Real Estate Practice of McKinley Group serves a broad spectrum of client needs relating to acquisition, development, investment, financing, and divestiture projects. We provide real estate counsel both domestically and internationally.

An integral part of our Real Estate Practice serves the needs of businesses and institutions investing in and developing real estate for their own use, including the development, acquisition, management, and leasing of large office buildings or other major facilities, from site acquisition and permitting through financing. We also have responsibility for the real estate aspects of mergers and acquisitions. Our Real Estate Practice provides practical and innovative solutions for investment funds and financial institutions that participate in the real estate industry as partners, investors, and lenders.

Property types include warehouses, industrial, manufacturing, retail(anchored/unanchored), office, self-storage, car washes, golf courses, marinas, casinos, raw land for commercial development, multifamily apartments, hotels, motels, condominiums, strip malls, gas stations, farms, ranches, rural properties, resorts, restaurants, non-income producing properties, special-use properties etc.

We can arrange quick funds for purchase/acquisition of properties for rehabbing and sale, working capital for new construction and development, refinance(with/without cashout), to seize a good business opportunity where speed of transaction is important etc.

We can also arrange infrastructure project finance for power plants, cement plants, airports, railroads, telecommunications, highways, ports, bridges, ethanol plants, oil and gas refineries, government guaranteed projects etc.


Procurement and Tendering Expertise

Our Government Project Consulting Services offer specialist expertise and experience in procurement, with a particular focus on Government procurement. Areas of expertise include strategic procurement, government and private sector tendering, contract and category management, risk management, financial modelling, probity and project management. With McKINLEY, clients get the benefit of more than 15 years of direct government experience. We understand government procurement processes, from developing a procurement strategy up to awarding and managing contracts, and distils this knowledge into practical procurement support and advice.

Winning Government Business

Our consulting gets government. Our direct government experience provides clients with an inside knowledge of government tendering and evaluation practices, which has consistently delivered a competitive advantage to our clients when tendering for government contracts.

Our Consulting Services offers the following Consulting Services:

  • Review and advice on a client's existing government engagement and tendering practices.
  • Development of targeted government engagement strategies for businesses wishing to increase their share of government business.
  • Advice on preparing, completing and submitting responses to government and commercial sector tenders including:
    - Expressions of Interest
    - Requests for Quotes
    - Requests for Proposals
    - Requests for Tenders
  • Development of template responses to typical tender questions including customer service, project management, quality systems and innovation.

Securing Government Business

  • Make contact with government
  • Market to government in a targeted manner
  • Respond to government offer documents (quotations and tenders), and Secure government business through long-term arrangements.


We provide deep industry and technical knowledge, supported by rigorous market, economic and financial analysis, to enable you to deliver the best results for your business in the areas of business unit strategy, transaction services, valuation, economics, brand/intellectual property management and risk management.

We deliver our services locally and through our integrated network of strategy, valuation, economics and transaction specialists in 25 countries across the globe. Our clients include market leading companies, private equity and venture capital houses, the public sector and law firms.

Potential issues

  • You need help to analyse and research your business environment
  • You want independent, objective evaluation and validation of your management strategy, including whether you have the right mix of businesses
  • You want robust 'stress testing' of your strategy and its underlying assumptions
  • You want to identify and understand the full financial and economic implications of your investment/divestment options
  • You want to identify and capitalise on opportunities and assets cost effectively, as well as identify and manage inherent business risk or transactional risks to improve shareholder value
  • You want to ensure new acquisitions are within your control and integrated into your operation in the shortest possible time
  • You want to understand your exposure to risk in relation to different markets, customers, partners and suppliers, and be confident that you have appropriate risk mitigation strategies in place.

How we can support you

  • Our specialists have the deep know-how needed to help you to effectively create, test and validate your strategy
  • We help you to make the right decisions about your portfolio, help you dispose of assets, appraise targets and integrate new acquisitions with minimum disruption to your business
  • We provide insights into where your customers and target customers perceive true value in your product or service offerings
  • Our specialists apply rigorous financial analysis to assess the risk and value trade-offs of your strategic options. We review the impact on value of the tax, financial reporting (e.g. IFRS) and regulatory issues on your strategic options
  • We help you to assign your resources to the activities that maximise value and are best aligned to your strategic objectives
  • We provide the extra resource you need to drive focused plans through in a cost effective way, taking account of and mitigating associated risk
  • We help you to plan for how to deal with potential risks and threats to your business, so that risk management is structured, tested, monitored, owned and fully integrated into your day-to-day operations
  • We will work and collaborate with you as one team, including drawing on the skills of our local and global network of industry specialists.



  • Evaluation and testing of corporate strategy and business unit strategy
    Strategy development and validation, market entry strategies, new product development strategy, distribution and customer service strategies
  • Demand and revenue analysis to validate growth plans and set pricing strategies, scenario development for impact assessment of differing economic outcomes
  • Evaluation of major strategic investment decisions including R&D, capital investments and related risk mitigating strategies
  • Deal structuring and finance raising advice including valuations for bidding purposes and defence purposes, scenario and sensitivity analysis to support business negotiations
  • Brand strategy development, marketing ROI and performance management
    In-depth customer/consumer analysis, consumer segmentation and identification of key trends and buyer behaviour, based on extensive primary research.


  • Merger clearance advice for companies being investigated by the regulatory authorities
    Regulatory economics such as market modelling, pricing analysis, tariff-setting and complex valuations
  • Market, customer and competitor analysis (for example, sectoral analysis, customer value, demand forecasting and competitor assessment)
  • Bid and business case development (e.g. in support of license bids, corporate acquisitions and litigation disputes)
  • Regulatory and competition policy advice including risk assessment for competition law
  • Advice on structuring of deals, joint ventures and administering merger trusteeships
  • Financial economics including cost of capital advice, country investment risk assessment, profitability assessments, and share price analysis
  • Market modelling, competition and pricing analysis.

Acquisition strategy

  • Pre-deal commercial and operational due diligence providing acquirers/vendors with a coherent overview of the business operations, for example supply chain, manufacturing and/or commercial activities
  • Financial and commercial due diligence, including target-specific market/industry related investment risks, strategic/market-related value-creating opportunities, the implications for financial performance and market valuation, and the impact on financial reporting for pre-and post-deal strategies
  • Accelerating change through developing, implementing and programme managing detailed action plans to deliver value from the deal
    Post deal/portfolio reviews generally undertaken 6-12 months after the deal to establish whether the initial objectives have been met and, if necessary, to identify how to get it 'back on track'
  • Carve-out planning which provides vendors/acquirers specific knowledge in addressing the whole spectrum of operational carve-out issues, for example service level agreements, transition service agreements and business critical risk identification
  • Exit strategy reviews.

Outsourcing strategy

  • Outsourcing options reviews, including performance benchmarking, economic analysis and market analysis
  • Evaluation of options, including assessment of strategic logic for an outsource and analysis of the value of options.

Risk management strategy

  • Strategic risk design/assessment, helping you to formulate and set your risk strategy in relation to the key risks impacting on business drivers and ensure that risk appetite is set and communicated. As part of this process, business objectives are aligned to risk management strategy
  • Benchmarking risk practices, by conducting a gap analysis of risk management to baseline requirements, including Basel, PSB Prudential Source Book and industry best practice. We can also provide advice on project requirements to fill identified gaps
  • Implementation of risk management practices, beginning with the design of a risk management organisation structure and detailed design of risk practices and procedures for market, credit and operational risks. Integrated risk reporting is also established
  • Enterprise and operational risk management. We can help you to understand current capabilities and assess the effectiveness of your current enterprise risk management framework. This leads to the development of the vision for enterprise risk management, including the implementation and re-engineering of enterprise risk management frameworks.


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