McKinley Intellectual Business Alliance offers an internationally recognized team of experts with extensive practical experience that is tailored to client needs. Result over 20 years of experience in consulting and business advisory services, the team has successfully completed numerous projects in both developed and developing countries for private and public sector clients around the globe. Our mission is to share with clients the knowledge and experience of its team of professionals, meeting the demands of companies for professionals who could advise and support the sustainable growth of their business, and the development of human capital.

The services provided by the company include:

  • Investment
  • Funds and Asset management
  • Business Finance
  • International Trade & Development
  • Iron Ore, Steam Coal, and other minerals
  • Crude Oil, M-100, D-2, Jet-Fuel and other Oil Derivatives
  • Industrial Development and Multi-Purpose Industrial & Commercial Projects
  • Construction Materials
  • Machineries and Equipment
  • Stone Coal-Fired Cogeneration
  • Coal Gasification Industries
  • Methanol Program as a substitute to diesel
  • Wind Power Generation and other Alternative Energy Technology Projects
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Toll-road highway construction, and funding project
  • General Importers & Exporters
  • Design, Planning, Engineering, Construction, and Developer
  • Management and Business Consulting
  • Foundation in providing low-cost housing, establishment of farmers - fishermen cooperative- agri-business, clinics and hospitals, and training centers.

At ROOMMS, the company is focused on solving a problem that is pervasive in the online travel industry today—property listings with poor-quality, out-of-date content, delivered unreliably to major online travel agencies (OTAs). This results in a degraded user experience and poor customer conversions. The supply side of the travel industry is focused on property distribution—that is, getting their listings on a major OTA. HomeAway, Airbnb,, and Expedia are among the coveted channels for distribution. However, quality has been compromised for quantity.
Some in the industry claim to be able to distribute inventory with quality content to a variety of OTAs, but the truth is that no one in the industry is delivering. Poor content delivered with unreliable accuracy is the norm in the industry. ROOMMS is committed to delivering high quality, diversified content, which promotes a rich user experience for all consumers. By creating a better user experience through superior content, we can increase customer conversion.
The complexities of data management within the travel industry have traditionally made this very difficult to do. OTA’s and property managers need to work together to get high-quality, up-to-date, and diversified content to the marketplace quickly and efficiently. In order to do this, they need a technology solution that seamlessly brings together all stages of the content life-cycle.

ROOMMS is that solution.


TVStorm, Android TV OS provider and an official and exclusive SI partner of Google, is a software company that develops and delivers middleware solutions and embedded software products for digital data broadcast applications. Its products include TVSTORM Advanced Middleware, which integrates Java based middleware complied with HTML browser for broadcasting; TVSTORM TV BROWSER, a browser solution for TV, data broadcasting, and interactive service applications; TVSTORM IPTV-K, a middleware solution for IPTV services; and a smart TV platform based on Android TV , t.ware™, an official Google TV Platform architecture, which provides library for integrating with various kinds of SI standards and 3rd party solutions and also provides STB Platform Implementation to support various kinds of STB and Chipset that is not provided in Android platform.

The company’s products also include Smart Set Top Box (STB) that provides an environment that can work with smart phone and external devices. It provides Nscreen environment that can use mobile service in TV, TV service in mobile and also can make watching seamless contents through smartphone interlocking; TVSTORM ACAP, a middleware solution for DTV services; TVSTORM OCAP, a middleware solution for cable based on general executable MHP (GEM) core; and TVSTORM MHP, a middleware solution for satellite based on GEM core. In addition, it develops Blu-ray disk players.


Taking a giant step in the truly green direction, algae have a lot of promise as a source of energy and power. With tremendous effort and extended professional research, AEONEC (Alternative Energy of Next Era)is taking a big step by planning a facility that generates power from this rapidly growing alternative renewable energy source. Alternative Energy of Next Era Corp.(AEONEC) is the first company in the biofuels power sector – that of generating grid power from algae biodiesel. Unlike wind or biomass, biofuels power is easily installed in urban settings and the economics greatly exceed that of solar or hydrogen cell generation.
AEONEC has combined the world’s best production practices, and adapted them to create the most cost effective and resource efficient methods for growing, harvesting, extracting, and producing high quality products including biofuels production and electricity generation. Even though many are currently developing algae-based technologies and products, nobody offers a reliable and cost efficient method of producing and harvesting algae. AEONEC is the answer.

Our technology and power plant will provide 100% Performance Guarantee.


- AEONEC Business Presentation (PDF - 10MB)

Reinahalen Cosmetics by REINAHALEN CORP.
Reinahalen, a company created by McKinley Corporation is a professional cosmetic company serving aesthetic skin care professionals, direct-to-market distributors, celebrities, boutiques, entrepreneurs and multi-national companies.
Reinahalen’s skin solutions are the results of many years of extensive scientific research and clinical testing conducted under the purview of leading scientists and physicians in the field, as well as a cadre of independent laboratories and universities across the world. Reinahalen's commitment is providing unsurpassed research and development for custom-formulated cosmeceutical, nutraceuticals and personal care treatment products.

Expanding to Luxury Colletions
For us lifestyle means offering a matching concept to people's look. Like this Reinahalen's cosmetic experience consistently flows into the new eye couture collection and combines optical know-how with an excellent feel for trends and fashion.

Reinahalen will continue to expand into a collection and manufacturing of all things a woman could ever want in her closet including; handbags, jewlery, shoes, clothes, dresses, hats, swimsuits, daywear, accessories and more from the most reputable alliance and partners in each market around the world! All designed and made with the everyday woman in mind.

- REINAHALEN Product Information (PDF - 9.8MB)

ALION Laboratory, Inc.
ALION Bio Techonolgies, ltd.
Insignia Laboratory Solutions, Inc.

as known as Insignia Lab Solutions is a fully integrated laboratory and manufacture of cosmeceutical, heatth care and pharmaceutical grade products. The company has been engaged in the business of designing, producing and distributing peptide products and cosmeceuticals for global markets since year 1998.

With more than15 years of experience producing highest quality peptides, and with in-depth knowledge of personal care technology, industry trends, product positioning and large-scale manufacturing, ALION works as a team with dermatologists, plastic surgeons, independent chemists and testing organizations through each phase of product conceptualization, research and development and increasing distribution. Its team of experts specializes in providing innovative product concepts, efficacious active complexes and new methods to improve the delivery of active ingredients for multi-functional products that achieve highly improved results. The fruits of this ongoing research are highly-differentiated products that are, quite simply, vastly superior to existing rival brands on the market.

ALION Manufacturing site:

ALION intends to create valuable products to be accepted as world class productions, as standard; therefore we are focusing on the production factory as the principal of development and support for the company’s growth. We have built a new factory on a space of up to 112,801 m² with our investment budget of USD 200 million.
Located in SiHong Industrial Estate in China, the area is a large industrial park compiled of all conveniences and basic factors. Moreover, the new ALION factory is regarded as environmental friendly. The factory is designed under GMP standard control in terms of its structure and materials in order to accommodate an effective manufacturing standard giving it a high quality production system and maintaining our high concerns of consumer safety.


Our manufactory in SiHong Industrial Estate, Jiangsu Province, China (Total of 112,801 m²)

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