McKinley Investment is a leading full service investments firm providing the entire of high financial services. We provide ranges of top financial and advisory services which are supported by our professional financial specialists. The firm's philosophy is entirely a client centric with a clear focus on providing long term value addition while maintaining a highest standard of excellence, ethics and professionalism.

Areas We Serve: - (Please click on the menu to see more description)

  • Asset & Wealth Management
  • Professional Investment
  • Professional Consulting
  • Private Placement Trading

I am new to McKinley Investment. Where should I start?

First, click on the each service menu navigation bar above. Inside, you’ll find full descriptions of our services. Also you can click on Online classroom and Reference section where you will see more detaild information about our business and a complete idea of what we can do for you. Even though our service is mainly focused on invited members only, we more than welcome you to contact us and discuss about your current situations. For any additional questions or concerns, please contact our Guest inquiry (Contact us) section or click on the Registration button to join the membership to achieve more in-depth level of succes for your business.

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