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McKinley Investment is a core investor and team of finance, banking, and business professionals that provide unmatched services for the funding needs of our clients. We specialize in both traditional and non-traditional forms of funding and project financing. We implement our expertise to obtain the best funding for your business ventures and projects.

Our Business Goal

The company's philosophy is client-centric, with a clear focus on providing long-term value while maintaining the highest standard of excellence, ethics, and professionalism. Our network builds on the principles of reliability, outstanding service, knowledge, and the creation of long-term client relationships. We offer a full range of services to multinational, small, and medium-sized businesses of all sizes. Whether our clients are looking to raise project funds for professional advice or manage day-to-day business requirements, McKinley can provide top financial and advisory services; supported by our experienced finance specialists.

Impactful People Making Differences

McKinley is a team of professional economists specializing in professional investment and asset management. We provide guidance and assistance to principals, private clients, high-net-worth individuals, corporations, institutional investors, funding groups, trusts, foundations, and entrepreneurs.  Our years of experience show a proven track record of success. We are serious and well-organized to ensure we provide our customers with the most excellent service and efficiency.

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A strong relationship requires strong partners – who think and act according to shared views and values and display just the right degree of flexibility. At McKinley, we are pleased to be your partner for all your personal banking needs and to be able to build a long-term relationship with you. We believe that providing comprehensive, first-class expertise is the quintessence of our role. The fact that our experienced members of McKinley companies are always at your side – with their agile, entrepreneurial approach – is a further hallmark of our offering.


At McKinley, we are there for you, whenever and wherever you need us. We think ahead to ensure that the next steps we take always lead in the right direction – just as you would expect in a relationship founded on trust and mutual understanding. An entrepreneurial spirit has shaped McKinley and our professional members ever since we were established. This spirit gives our client relationships the necessary momentum so that we can find the right solutions for you in a swift and straightforward manner."



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