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BLISSFIELD, New Clark City Development Plan:

McKinleyTech is exploring the development of 250 ha of the land in the heart of New Clark City.

Building upon our years of proven success, we, McKinley Investment Group, are now expanding our portfolio by inviting and working alongside a select group of investors, offering them a competitive return on their investment.


"Blissfield Landmark Complex Development Project" is to develop the government-owned land that used to be a US military site located in New Clark City, the Philippines that was acquired from the government by long-term lease, into a public 36-hole Golf Course (partial membership), Fairway Village, Casino Hotel & Residence, and Residential & Commercial Complex (Phase 1 & Phase 2 development site).


The project developer, McKinleyTech, Inc., schedules to complete the Sky Blue 18-hole golf course in March 2022 in the Phase 1 development site (150ha). At the same time as the construction of Fairway Village SIX SENSES (211,608sqm), 5-star InterContinental Casino Hotel and Residence (69,436sqm), and commercial complex (9,900sqm) start in Phase 1 development, an additional 19-36-hole golf course and a commercial & residential complex (560,000sqm) within the Phase 2 development site (100ha), Phase 2 development projects, shall be pursued to start construction in the middle of 2022.

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- Public & membership 36 hole golf clubs

- interContinental Six Senses fairway village

- interContinental Casino hotel & residence

- Six Sense Fairway Residence 

- People’s Park Square

- People’s Park

- Residential & commercial complex.


Site Video Overview


Blissfield Video Presentation

"Blissfield" Aerial site overview

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Blissfield Hotel & Residence


Architectural Presentation (Updated May 13, 2022)


Site design by Heerim Architects & Planners Co., Ltd.

Published in the world-renowned magazine “WORLD ARCHITECTURE”, Heerim’s global competencies are ranked world no.1 and no.2 in residential, airport, sports, and CM sectors.

36 Hole Golf Course

Golf Course Aerial Shot

36 Holes Golf Courses

Photo Presentation on 18 holes Golf Courses

 (1st Phase is finished on May 2022)


The Location: New Clark City

Government Information about New Clark City

BCDA - Clark, the vision of modern Philippines.pdf

BCDA - Sulong Pilipinas.pdf


IntrContinental Hotel Groups

About InterContinental Hotels and Resorts Group

InterContinental Brand Overview.pdf


Six Sense Resort Residence

About Six Senses Residences

Six Senses.pdf


Fact Sheet:

Blissfield Project Summary.pdf

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