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McKinley Investment is led by a passionate team of marketing leaders and impactful seasoned veterans with deep industry knowledge and experience in the field of economics, law, branding, Internet strategy, journalism, artificial intelligence, game theory, negotiation, communications, and finance industries that drive strong business results.

Guideline Loaded with Benefits

Through Our Knowledge-filled Services

McKinley Investment and its group of affiliated companies are led by a passionate team of impactful group leaders and seasoned veterans with in-depth industry knowledge and experience.  Since 1998 we have provided our clients worldwide with designed marketing and investment solutions that drive reliable business results.



Private / Corporate Asset Management


McKinley Investment specializes in professional investment

consulting and asset management to provide guidance and

assistance to principals of private clients and high-net-worth

individuals, corporations & institutional investors, funding

groups, trusts & foundations, and entrepreneurs.

Read:  "Asset Management Service



First Class In-house Investment

McKinley is an investment group with the company's private

investment capital and various global funding resources.

We are committed to excellence in service by being responsive

to client needs and understanding the time-sensitive nature

of opportunities. 

Read:  "Professional Investment Consulting"


Project Funding

McKinley brings an unsurpassed depth of experience and

a distinctive approach to providing astute advice and risk

assessments, practical solutions, and world-class project

funding services to our clients.

Read:  "McKinley Project Funding" 




In-House Trading Desk


While maintaining the position as an Investment Fund

Management firm, we undertake very sensitively classified

personal information of prominent individuals/companies,

and complete commercially sensitive transactions for our

clients by providing full Capital Protection in our Premium

In-House Trading Programs.

Read:  "McKinley In-House Trading" 

Government Project Consulting

With McKinley, clients get the benefit of many years of direct

government experience. McKinley understands government

procurement processes, from developing a full strategy for

awarding and managing contracts and distilling the knowledge

to practical procurement support and advice.

Our Government Consulting Services offer special expertise

and experience in procurement, focusing on government 

procurement.  Areas of expertise are strategic procurement,

government/private sector tendering contracts, category & risk 

management, financial modeling, probity, and project management. 



If you would like to learn more about anything in particular that is not covered here, please visit our FAQ page and learn more about our company and the services we provide.  


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