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McKinley Meta.N Introduce the World's First Guarantee & Insurance Solution for Digital Assets

McKinley Meta.N gives New Rise to Innovative and Regenerative Business Models and Revenue Opportunities, GotG Platform.

The Technology Focusing on the Valuation and Preservation of Digital Assets

The rise and development of blockchain technology have begun to revolutionize the power of centralized service platforms in various areas, whether in countries or industries. Exclusively, finance has been very conservative for a long time than any other industry, bringing to its limits the factors that hinder the industry's innovation, such as country-specific legislation and licensing. Technological advances have broken down national boundaries and created a place for faster exchanges, but there are still services that are not available or satisfactory. There have been numerous projects to overcome these limitations using the blockchain. Nevertheless, these blockchain projects are focused solely on the decentralized technology of blockchain, which exposes many limits when it comes to applying it to the real world. Given that this marginality replaces traditional currencies or the role of assets as business assets, the stable market price of cryptocurrencies based on blockchain has always remained in question. GotG will build a platform that focuses on protecting investment assets concerning this issue and the valuation and preservation of various digital assets, including NFT-based digital assets.

GotG Platform

GotG ( launched the world's first Digital Asset Guarantee insurance solution (DAG) in the digital asset market. GotG was the first in the digital asset market to implement and launch the DAG guarantee and insurance solution, which is evaluated as an achievement that dramatically improved the stability of digital asset investors. Now, digital asset management foundations and digital asset investors can obtain stability and profitability for their digital assets simultaneously through the GotG Platform and McKinley Meta.N’s DAG guarantee insurance solution participation.

McKinley Meta.N will keep adding a guaranteed layer for both DAG and NFT, as well as continuously and securely enhancing the fresh new asset value in the GotG Platform.

Structure of McKinley Meta.N Business Model

Trading Program

by McKinley Meta.N


Adding more values in the digital Asset Guarantee

Risk Free Digital Asset Management

Significantly Improve the Stability of Digital Asset Investors

Bankable Value NFT

GotG STO-based NFT


Asset Growth Trading Program

by McKinley Meta.N’s NFT In-House Asset Growth Trading Program

will add more value in

Digital Asset Guarantee (D.A.G)

GotG's DAG Basket for a fully backed and underwritten with Tangible and Real Asset Values



STO-type GotG NFT

A New Paradigm for turning the Traditional Financial Market into a really valuable, fully accountable, and transparent Digital Asset Market is born by merging the best of both.

GotG protects the principal invested in real-value GotG STO-based NFTs through the digital asset guarantee program D.A.G. In addition, McKinley Meta.N's In-house Asset Growth Trading Program offers investors a groundbreaking method to ensure capital protection and profit growth.

Real Asset-Based NFT

GotG's NFT transforms real estate, mines before the development, and IP (rights, such as content, copyright, etc.) into NFT, and shares benefits such as distribution of development and operating profits and exchange of in-kind assets to investors who own the NFT after the development. Investors holding NFT are provisionally in the position of owners of real assets during the development period. After the development, the NFT owners can not only acquire profits from the development, but also acquire each goodwill, business right, sale right, and in-kind exchange right. If there are many applicants, additional points are given differentially according to the NFT holding period, and you can obtain the right to be derived at a lower price under more favorable conditions.

GotG Platform's NFT not only grants investors provisional ownership of
 real assets but also applies to DAG Program within GotG Platform. Therefore, investors are protected by a double safety device during the NFT holding period. As a structure that puts great effort into safety devices for investment, GotG Platform's NFT is optimal for investors seeking stable returns and safe investments.

Digital Asset Assurance Program - 'DAG Program'

The DAG program is a program that protects investors. It is a program with a structure in which the value of tangible assets is converted to NFT, internalized into digital assets through the guaranteed circulation structure, and provides guarantee power again. We named it the Digital Asset Guarantee Program. GotG Platform is a digital asset guarantee and insurance solution platform installed with DAG Program. This consists of a guarantee program provided by the token issuing foundation and an insurance program by general investors. They are exchanged for GotG, the key token of the GotG Platform, through the automatic settlement and clearing functions based on blockchain technology as the price of digital assets such as NFTs, tokens, and coins declines.

(The ratios of guarantee and tokens to be deposited are determined in consultation with the token issuance foundation and GotG Platform based on market conditions, business growth potential, etc.)

The "Guaranteed Asset Basket"

GotG Platform is operating the guaranteed asset basket, deposit asset basket, exchange asset basket, and asset escrow basket which are transparently managed with HyperNEX™ technology. The main goal of the D.A.G Program is to keep these asset baskets managed transparently and safely. The NFT issued on the basis of the real assets and Intellectual Properties has been already added to the guarantee basket. McKinley's In-house Asset Growth Trading Program as one of the most important components of this DAG basket will generate additional revenue that enhances the insurance function of the digital assets contained in the DAG. McKinley Meta.N will be in charge of the Guaranteed Asset Protection in the DAG basket, operating, and creating a strong financial resource that further strengthens the guaranteed insurance policy of the GotG Platform.




TRADE BASKET by McKinley Meta.N

McKinley Meta.N is one of a few firms providing qualified assistance & consulting in secured asset management systems. To provide additional protection in the guaranteed asset basket, McKinley Meta.N provides risk-free asset management methods by way of a fully managed in-house asset trading method, the trading desk's substantial financial strength, the long-established business relationships with the top world banks, contracts between the various trading companies, and the strict regulation of the trading program activities.

Guarantee and Liquidity

D.A.G Program considers the investor’s investment liquidity. It is still possible to promptly exchange valuable assets and convert them into cash even if the digital assets lose their value. Digital assets with high liquidity are transferred into the guaranteed asset basket, and the deposited assets will remain deposited without circulation until the contract expiration date of the program.

Continuous Increase in the Size of Guarantee

Insurance programs, whereas the GotG Platform sells some of the NFTs issued based on real assets and trade-purpose IPs, of them are deposited in the guaranteed asset basket of the D.A.G program to prepare for the expansion of the digital asset market and the guarantee. Plenty of digital assets are going to be deposited in the basket as the number of foundations joining guarantee contracts with the GotG Platform increases, and due to the continued increase in guaranteed assets due to the activities of the McKinley Meta.N's trading participation, the guarantee size and safety of the basket will continuously increase.




Our Program consists of continuous sharing. During the GotG STO based NFT maturity cycle, we share benefits with our investors holding our NFTs such as: 

  1. Equity and Operating Profit, with exchange opportunities of spot assets.

  2. NFT Owners during the development period of a project, hold the right of ownership of the underlying assets. 

  3. Profits and enhanced value creation under our NFT In-House Trading Asset Growth Program.




"As a global asset manager and fiduciary to our clients, our purpose is to continuously find new ways and opportunities to help more and more people experience financial well-being and independence with unique opportunities to participate in meaningful projects."


Our primary goal is to advocate and act for the protection of investors, especially those who lack the expertise and experience to protect their own interests. We are driven by our conviction that every investor deserves protection in the process of capital growth and real value creation. Their welfare must not be sacrificed, nor their investment purpose is compromised. Together with our clients, we will contribute to a more equitable and resilient world – today and for generations to come.




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McKinley Meta.N Gives Rise to Innovative and Regenerative New Business Models and Revenue Opportunities

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