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Announcement: Delays in McKinley Meta.N's Dividend System Implementation

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Jul 26, 2023

Challenges and Setbacks: McKinley Meta.N Navigates Delays in Dividend System Implementation

We are announcing an update on the current progress of McKinley Meta.N's dividend system implementation. Please acknowledge that several factors have caused delays in the execution of this vital initiative. In this communication, we will outline the key reasons behind these setbacks and the measures being taken to address them.

  1. Adjustments and Quantity Error Resolution in the GXG System Upgrade: The migration to the upgraded 2.0 wallet has been hindered by ongoing adjustments and the resolution of quantity errors in our existing GXG system. As a result, the automation of grading for GotG holders has not been fully realized. Nevertheless, the GotG development team is diligently working to bring these tasks to completion, assuring us that the system will soon be functioning as intended.

  2. Delays in Overseas Bank Fund Transfers: Our efforts to facilitate interbank transfers starting from July 7th have encountered unanticipated delays, specifically concerning USD transfers. The excessive documentation requirements have slowed down the process, resulting in delays in both international bank transfers and the receipt of funds for each respective fund. To address this, additional time is needed to complete the final fund deposits. Consequently, we are reevaluating Bank Trading's entry and profit dividend points, with a plan to adjust the dividend schedule accordingly.

  3. Attempts to Disrupt GotG Business and Operations in Korea: Unfortunately, the implementation of our strategic plans for GotG, which have been meticulously developed in collaboration with McKinley and include the finalized dividend plan for 2023 and an evolved business strategy featuring Bank Trading, has faced deliberate disruptions from malicious forces. These ill-intentioned efforts have had a significant impact on our operations, causing substantial delays.

Despite these challenges, we remain committed to the successful implementation of the dividend system and the overall growth of McKinley Meta.N. We are diligently working to overcome these obstacles and restore normalcy to our operations as swiftly as possible. Your continued support is greatly appreciated as we navigate through this period of transition.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work towards a more resilient and prosperous future for McKinley Meta.N and its valued stakeholders. We will keep you updated on our progress as we strive to realize our vision for sustained growth and success.

The contents of the news announced on this page are a summary of the company news published by McKinley Meta.N and the contents announced in the media, and the publicity and accuracy of the contents can be modified and changed at any time according to the business structure and progress of the projects. 

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