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McKinley Meta.N PTE., Ltd. is set up in Singapore.

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Mar 20, 2023

Preparation for full-fledged business begins now.
McKinley Meta.N officially established its Singaporean subsidiary, McKinley Meta.N PTE., Ltd., on March 20, 2023.

Through this new company, McKinley Meta.N plans to further solidify its role as Trade Basket, one of GotG's DAG systems, and will become a company that develops various international businesses and financial programs.

McKinley Meta.N has established business accounts with three of Singapore's prominent banks, namely DBS, UOB, and OCBC, to incorporate funds associated with overseas clients and projects into their financial management programs. By collaborating with these banks and global trading companies, McKinley Meta.N aims to develop high-net-worth financial services and expand as a comprehensive financial management company engaged in diverse projects.

McKinley Meta.N's Current Banking Associates:

1. JPMorgan Chase

2. Bank of America

3. Citigroup

4. Wells Fargo


6. Standard Chartered Bank

7. Deutsche Bank

8. Goldman Sachs

9. Capital One Financial

10. TD Group US Holdings

11. Bank of New York Mellon

12. BNP Paribas

13. Barclays

14. First Republic Bank

15. Morgan Stanley Private Bank

16. Royal Bank of Canada

17. Shinhan Bank

The contents of the news announced on this page are a summary of the company news published by McKinley Meta.N and the contents announced in the media, and the publicity and accuracy of the contents can be modified and changed at any time according to the business structure and progress of the projects. 

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