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Meta.N Co., Ltd. has been assigned to operate the trading platform.

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Mar 8, 2023

Meta.N Co.Ltd. is now serving the financial market as one of the first official trading platform in Korea
On March 8, 2023, McKinley Investment, LLC's McKinley Trading Desk appointed Meta.N, a JV partner in Korea, as a Financial Trading platform.

The key advantage of the McKinley Trading Desk lies in the extensive experience of its management team in project development, control, and finance, coupled with their expertise in conducting technical and financial feasibility studies to assess project viability. Consequently, the core focus of the McKinley Trading Desk is centered on capitalizing on its relationships with private trusts, foundations, and high net worth individuals to establish the necessary means for financing and managing these projects. These relationships have been cultivated over time through the activities of its directors, resulting in partnerships with various international financial institutions and security agencies that oversee all financial operations.

The core objective of the McKinley Trading Desk is to offer specialized services and proficiency to various stakeholders such as project developers, landowners, architects, construction firms, and institutional investors. The Trading Desk's primary responsibility is to aid in controlling and financing projects by providing comprehensive turnkey solutions through the International Bank Trading system.

• International project placement.

• International asset trading.

• Contract negotiation support with foreign investors and general contractors.

• Assistance – cash and/or payment guarantee and cash flow control

• Trust fund management

• Finance and management

Meta.N's role as a financial trading platform will involve creating new partnerships with sponsors that share the McKinley Trading Desk's mission and goals. Additionally, Meta.N will play a critical role in helping Korean capital enter the global trading market by providing essential funds to raise project funds needed to complete each customer's project. To achieve this goal, Meta.N will establish a close cooperation system with Korean banks.

The contents of the news announced on this page are a summary of the company news published by McKinley Meta.N and the contents announced in the media, and the publicity and accuracy of the contents can be modified and changed at any time according to the business structure and progress of the projects. 

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