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The Interactive Joint Venture and Financial Cooperation Agreement has been established.

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Mar 5, 2023

McKinley Investment and Meta.N have entered into an agreement for investment and project funding.
McKinley Investment and Meta.N have formed a joint venture partnership to establish a Trust and a mutually beneficial investment platform aimed at expanding the global market. The partnership has announced that it will commence operations from Singapore.

The purpose of the joint venture partnership is to establish a collaborative framework between two companies, with the goal of identifying and pursuing mutually beneficial agreements related to project management and financing. The companies have agreed to proceed with financing under a Special Purpose Company (SPC) for agreed-upon projects and programs, and to establish an SPC in Singapore to facilitate the global expansion of their businesses.

The contents of the news announced on this page are a summary of the company news published by McKinley Meta.N and the contents announced in the media, and the publicity and accuracy of the contents can be modified and changed at any time according to the business structure and progress of the projects. 

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