Executive Investment Management and Consulting since 1998

A Brief History

For more than 23 years, McKinley Investment has been an advocate for individual investors and the financial professionals who serve them. 

In 1996, the founders of current McKinley Investment, Halen Bach, and seven partners started a specialized project management company, HRD Infosys, Inc. and GM Infocapital, Inc., in association with the World Trade Center Association based in New York City.  The purpose of the specialized project management companies was to lead and serve the development of the initiatives of the World Trade Center Association Business Tourism, World Trade Center Travel Card, World Trade Center University Development Program, and other business support services.

Continuing in the spirit realized from the 1996 associated initiatives, the companies merged their business to McKinley Infocapital, Inc. in 1998 to continue serving the business development needs for World Trade Center Association member organizations and providing trade assistance and global business promotion, as well as providing investment planning to implement World Trade Center business and site development.  We have helped hundreds of clients and service companies grow through examples of how they can realize effective foreign trade opportunities through the full range of World Trade Center Association activities.       

WTCA Twin Tower in 1996


McKinley Infocapital in 1998

After the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001, the company has moved its headquarter to the heart of the financial cental, Beverly Hills, California.  


The activities of the company have grown over the years from the professional capacities of its partners and associates as well as from the comparative advantage of their relevant previous companies. The practice of continually investing in project funding, bank trading, and commodities from multibillion-dollar portfolios has earned the Company a range of proven capital allocation methods and in initiating conditions for favorable return-risk ratios on various projects for investors.

Since its business name change to McKinley Investment, LLC. in 2013, the company has carefully aligned itself with its partners’ long experience and professional skills to establish and maintain a highly competitive position for investing in various high net worth projects. Such an investment orientation allows suitable investment structuring and a careful choice of external investment-partners, and the company has been consistently able to provide an exceptional quality of investments and investment advice to the clients. 

In 2015, McKinley expanded internationally with the launch of the Hong Kong-based company, which seeks to advance the common interests and promote public understanding of issues related to international funds, managers and investors, including both regulated U.S. and non-U.S. based funds publicly offered to investors worldwide. McKinley expanded into Asian markets with the first opening of branch offices in Korea, China, and the Philippines. Now, the company is holding the business license of 26 companies in 13 countries worldwide


Business Alliances

  • 3000 Capital Group

  • Aberdeen Asset Management

  • Apogee Attractions, Inc.

  • Bank of America

  • Cardinal Equity Partners

  • Centre Trade Partners

  • Century Capital Trade

  • Chevron Partners

  • China Credit Internatonal Dev.

  • Clayton, Dubilier & Rice

  • Cortec Group

  • Elements Habitaire

  • Emeritiq Capital Partners

  • ERB-Liga

  • Encore Consumer Capital

  • European Investment Fund

  • Fidelity Investments

  • Finland Capital Partners

  • FORREC, Inc.

  • Friend Skoler & Co.

  • Graham Partners

  • Global Funding Resources

  • Goldman Sachs

  • Greenland Development

  • Hainan Investment Group

  • Hammond Kennedy & Whitney

  • Harvest Partners 

  • Huron Capital Partners

  • J.H. Whitney Capital Partners

  • Jamy Holdings

  • Janus Capital Group

  • Karlton Investment Group

  • King Power Group

  • Kinled Investment

  • Kirtland Capital Partners

  • Kohlberg & Company

  • KRG Capital  

  • Landmark Entertainment

  • LaSalle Investment Management

  • Linsey Capital Partners

  • Long Point Capital

  • London Trading, Ltd.

  • March Capitals

  • Morgan Stanley

  • Northern Trust

  • Northwest Equity Partners

  • OHR Partners

  • Parthenon Capital Partners

  • Penske Corporation

  • Primus Capital

  • Pronto Private Funding

  • Roadman Capital Partners

  • Shin Foundation

  • SM Development

  • Sterling Investment Partners

  • Sun Life Financial

  • TCW Partners Group

  • The Riverside Company 

  • Trading Platforms International

  • Universal-Investment

  • Vintage Investment

  • Virtus Investment Partners

  • The Vitala Group

  • Wanda Group

  • Weston Presidio

  • Westview Capital Partners

  • Wilshire Associates

  • World Capital Partners

  • World Trade Center Association

A brief Business Portfolio since 1998 


Investment, Business Coordination, and Project Participation

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