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King of Kim Opens New Branch at SM City, Marikina, Philippines, Accelerating Global Franchise Expansion!

Oct 21, 2023

The booth attracts crowds, achieving break-even in just three days of opening.

Overwhelming Response and Quick Break Even for "King of Kim" at SM Mall

SM City, Marikina, Philippines - In an exciting development for food enthusiasts, "King of Kim" has made its grand entrance at SM City, Marikina. The highly anticipated opening of the first fresh-roasted and dried Seaweed Laver destination in the Philippines has garnered an overwhelming response from the public.

Since its inauguration, the "King of Kim" booth has become a hotspot for locals and visitors alike. The enticing aroma of freshly roasted delights has been drawing in crowds, eager to taste the delectable offerings. The buzz surrounding the establishment has been nothing short of extraordinary, creating a contagious excitement amongst food enthusiasts.

Within the first three days of its operation, "King of Kim" reached the break-even point, surpassing all expectations. This remarkable achievement speaks volumes about the quality of their products and the demand they have generated within the local community. The management team of "King of Kim" expressed their gratitude for the overwhelming support and enthusiasm shown by the public.

The overwhelming response can be attributed to the unique concept of "King of Kim." The establishment offers freshly automatic machine roasted Seaweed, prepared with utmost precision and care, and Korean tradition-styled Kimchi is made at the place with flavorful fresh vegetables, each dish is crafted to perfection, ensuring a memorable dining experience for all visitors. The management of SM City, Marikina, has expressed their delight at the success of "King of Kim" within such a short span of time. The collaboration between the mall and the "King of Kim" team has proven to be a winning combination, attracting hordes of customers to the establishment. As "King of Kim" continues to captivate taste buds and leave a lasting impression on the culinary landscape of Marikina, one thing is certain – this fresh roasted Korean food destination is here to stay. With its exceptional offerings and overwhelming public support, "King of Kim" is poised to become a go-to destination for food lovers in the Philippines.

King of Kim plans to open more than 200 franchise stores throughout the Philippines, starting with the first booth in the Philippines, in collaboration with the major Food Industry Leader Group in the Philippines. We have already received numerous inquiries from overseas.

TV5 Philippines News on October 28, 2023


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