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Funding Structure by Monetization

Bank instrument monetization

A business can be successful if it has the necessary capital. If you have a good business idea, and the obstacle is a lack of funds, we are there to fulfill your goal of a successful business. With our financial services, your business can run smoothly, and any hindrance can be tackled immediately.

Without sufficient funds, the business cannot implement its ideas practically, and growth opportunities go to waste. In such a scenario, lenders play a significant role. If you are an entrepreneur thinking of starting a business, you can loan money from financial institutions or monetize instruments like Bank Guarantee and Standby Letter of Credit. The amount of financial assistance depends upon your repayment capability and credit score.

Why Chose McKinley for BG and SBLC Monetization?

  1. Speedy Processing: We have a quick and hassle-free process for monetizing bank instruments like Bank Guarantee and Standby Letter of Credit. Just submit the necessary documents, and our support staff will ensure that the application is processed in the shortest possible time.

  2. Affordable Interest Rate: From 0% to as high as 5%, our experienced and qualified work staff understands your business model and, based on that, suggests the various monetization plans that suit your business.

  3. Transparent: We will provide you a transparent finance processing mechanism from the beginning of getting the instruments to getting the loan either from financial institutions or McKinley's funding sources.

  4. Reliable and Reach: We are the most reliable financial services agency. We have contacts with many reputed banks worldwide to help our clients monetize bank instruments like Lease Bank Guarantee and Standby Letter of Credit.

  5. Supportive Staff: Our experienced professionals understand your business model and accordingly suggest the future course. We understand that not everyone possesses the financial experience to monetize financial instruments. Our professionals act as your advisors and help you in availing the finance for the right amount.

  6. Large Variety of BG or SBLC Monetization Schemes: We have created a vast portfolio of our clients' services to serve them better over the past several years. We offer different types of monetizing instrument schemes through our portfolio that fit the clients' needs in the right way.

We have been successfully serving many clients from different sectors. We are amongst the most trustworthy and reliable financial service providers with our reach to the top banks. Our monetization services against Bank Guarantee and Standby Letter of Credit are hassle-free and speedy. We often provide the necessary financial assistance to both experienced and novice business owners in the marketplace.

What about A Leased Bank Instrument?

It is a known fact that a leased Bank Instrument is NOT an Asset; therefore, people think it is NOT possible to monetize the instrument. The truth is 'Leased Bank Instrument can be monetized.' The leased bank instrument gives "the right to use the asset for a predetermined time. Experienced monetizers can use it to create funding for the client if the fund is going to be used for a short period, same as the instrument's maturity date, which is generally for the terms of 1 to 5 years.

When we offer monetization and pay money for a leased bank instrument, we do it because we have a clearly defined, well-thought-out financial strategy that delivers the client's needs.

Step 1: We receive the Leased Bank Instrument by Swift MT760

Step 2: We draw a Line of Credit against the Leased Bank Instrument.

Step 3: We pay the client their monetization payment with 30% to 50% of the Leased Bank Instrument value. Often the monetization is completed with two or more payments structure. The interest rate can start from as low as 1.25% to 5% annual. We can determine the terms of repayment according to the maturity date of the instrument. The client should be able to pay back the loan amount on time.

Step 4: We take the balance of the money from the Line of Credit and place these funds into our investment program or using McKinley Trading Program to cover up the risk of the case if the client would not be able to pay back the loan amount by its due date.

Step 5: 15 Days before the Leased Bank Instrument expiry, we return the Leased Instrument unencumbered to its original issuing bank.

Note: 1. We do not lease or sell a bank instrument.

2. We can recommend good sources of leasing bank instruments.

If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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