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McKinley Project Funding

Over 98% of large projects do not receive funding; not because they are too risky or bad projects, but because they lack financial structure. McKinley Investment’s project funding model is able to meet the needs of those projects.

McKinley Investment operates as a comprehensive funding solutions provider catering to diverse project phases, encompassing seed capital, start-up funds, bridge financing, mezzanine financing, equity investment, and permanent financing. Employing a multi-faceted lending model, they integrate structured financing, derivatives, and conventional lending mechanisms, effectively accommodating the full spectrum of the capital stack. Serving as the loan originator, McKinley Investment assumes responsibility for each financed project, consolidating the entire capital stack and establishing a competitive edge within the market. This lending framework is meticulously customized to meet the distinct demands of individual projects, ensuring tailored financing solutions aligned with specific project requirements. The company is committed to facilitating project funding under optimal conditions, adhering to a stringent set of criteria.

McKinley Investment's investment strategy predominantly revolves around financing infrastructure projects via asset-based lending practices. Leveraging their extensive expertise in this intricate domain, the team adeptly navigates the complexities involved in devising robust financial structures that effectively manage risk. The company offers project funding starting from a minimum threshold of USD 100 million, delivering a streamlined, transparent, and coherent approach to fulfilling clients' funding prerequisites. The funding process is characterized by its efficiency, offering low-interest payment options and flexible funding arrangements, including lump-sum or customizable monthly payment plans. The terms are transparent, featuring straightforward monthly payments without any additional origination fees or penalties for prepayment.

To ensure transparency and avoid any unforeseen circumstances, clients are afforded the opportunity to review their payment schedules before finalizing a loan agreement. Moreover, McKinley Investment extends the option of securing a low annual interest rate over a stipulated period of 2, 5, or 10 years, thereby alleviating financial obligations. Additionally, to safeguard the fulfillment of funding requirements under predetermined conditions, McKinley Investment can provide asset guarantees in support of the client's loan agreement.

Demonstrating unwavering commitment, the company remains dedicated to empowering clients to propel their business ventures and capitalize on burgeoning opportunities, leveraging their industry-specific proficiency, innovative solutions, and cutting-edge technological prowess. McKinley Investment is steadfast in their pursuit of providing project funding that adheres to stringent standards, affirming their dedication to delivering comprehensive funding solutions tailored to the distinct exigencies of each project.

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