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Establishing the Foundation of Global Financial Trading

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Mar 27, 2023

McKinley Meta.N has obtained the necessary qualifications to provide asset expansion and project funding support through its specialized trading accounts.
This achievement highlights the company's expertise in the financial industry and its ability to deliver tailored solutions to its clients. With these qualifications, McKinley Meta.N is well-positioned to support a range of global projects and entities, and to play a significant role in the financial markets.

McKinley Meta.N has been actively working on establishing a trading desk in collaboration with financial institutions and banks in Korea, Singapore, and the UK to create value through financial utilization. In recent weeks, the company has reached agreements with Singapore's DBS, and UK's Barclays and HSBC to launch a full-scale asset expansion program based on McKinley Meta.N's assets.

These agreements were made possible due to mutual professional knowledge and trust within a transparent and reliable financial platform, resulting in a clear agreement on the project's objectives. As a result, McKinley Meta.N's role in supporting GotG's trading basket has become more concrete and certain in executing business.

Through this opportunity, McKinley Meta.N aims to aggressively and clearly expand its assets and grow into a global financial corporation that supports various funding, global projects, and objectives.

The contents of the news announced on this page are a summary of the company news published by McKinley Meta.N and the contents announced in the media, and the publicity and accuracy of the contents can be modified and changed at any time according to the business structure and progress of the projects. 

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