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As investors with an industrialist vision, we aim to generate attractive investment returns by following a patient and disciplined approach, employing high-quality people, pursuing the highest standards of excellence, and aligning our interests with those of our investment partners.

McKinley Investment Group of Business:
Executive Business Management Group

A. McKinley Project Consortium Group
The platform of innovative investment consortium and partnership

McKinley Project Consortium Group forms a group of companies that undertakes the strategic management of the group’s investment portfolio in the fields of property development, asset investment, and management. Our experienced team of professionals seeks to identify undervalued assets across the globe, transforming them into high-quality developments that serve to enhance the built environment.

We strive to synergize our efforts with the core competencies of our partners, by providing independent advice with strategic guidance to deliver alternative real estate solutions that challenge conventional norms.

Our projects include a diverse range of projects in the residential, commercial, industrial and mixed-use property sectors. While we have worked on many projects in Singapore, our reach extends far beyond our shores to encompass Japan, China, India, and the ASEAN region.

B. McKinley Project Funding & Associates

Asset-Based Project Funding specialist group 


We help our clients' funding by providing Asset Guarantee and guide them to receive the fund through the industry's top-rated lending partners with all the pre-aligned funding conditions. We will ensure that our client's business gets the project funding it needs. We help our clients power their businesses and maximize opportunities because they can rely on our industry expertise, our innovative solutions, and our powerful technology. We provide insightful solutions that help create a competitive advantage for our clients - so they can help provide a more secure financial future for their clients.


C. McKinley In-House Project Development Group
The complete one-stop solution and knowledge in-house  

The company has an in-house project development team with professionals contributing specialist knowledge primarily within the delivery of turnkey solutions for various areas of projects that include sourcing of technical developing partners, materials, operation, training, and maintenance. We have extensive knowledge in handling all the projects for our own and the clients in collaboration with renowned global businesses and companies.  

McKinley Group of Companies:

Global McKinley Group of Companies         

The British Virgin Islands
McKinley Holdings (BVI) Ltd.



McKinley Cambodia


McKinley Investment Canada


McKinley Investment Grand Turk


McKinley Investment Shenzhen, Ltd. 
McKinley BK, Ltd.


McKinley Investment Co.

Hong Kong
McKinley Investment Ltd.
McKinley Corporation Ltd.

McKinley International Ltd.
McKinley B&A Ltd. 


PT McKinley Investment Nusantara

Korea ※ Public Notice - Read
McBliss, Ltd. 
McKinley, Inc.

McKinley Asia, Ltd.

McKinley Innovation, Co. Ltd.

McKinley Investment NEAsia, Llc.

Papua New Guinea
McKinley Asia PNG, Ltd.

McKinleyTech, Inc.


McKinley Seorim, Ltd.

McKinley Investment Co.

United Kingdom 
McKinley Investment London


United States of America 
McKinley Investment, Llc.
McKinley Financial & Trust, Llc.


McKinley Resources, Ltd.


McBliss™ Project Companies

In-House Architecture and Development 

United States of America

McKinley Investment, LLC.



McBliss, Ltd. 


Hong Kong

McKinley Investment, Ltd. 

McKinley International, Ltd. 


McKinley Technology & Innovations:

In-House Core Technology Companies 



Insignia Lab Solutions, Inc.
Alion Bio Technology, Inc. 


McKinley Innovation, Ltd.
McKinley Advanced Energy Technology Co., Ltd. 

McKinley Security and telecom Co., Ltd.
McKinley Optics Co., Ltd.

McKinley Materials Tech Co., Ltd


McKinley's Brand Business:   

In-House Brand and Business 


McKinley Medical Group 

List of McKinley Business

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