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Executive Investment Management and Consulting since 1998

With our business philosophy and strategy, you will gain accomplishment and momentum to move forward and discover and expand into new horizons of success.


Behind every great company, there’s a group of people who made it possible. Thank you for celebrating our quarter-century milestone with us.
McKinley Group of Companies





Since 1998, the McKinley Group of Companies has been utilizing its expert infrastructure and human resources to offer project management and investment services. With a specialization in project management, McKinley has established a comprehensive service network that encompasses industry-specific knowledge and solutions for common business requirements in all sectors.

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Background Description: 

Mount McKinley (currently known as Denali) in North America is the highest peak with an elevation of 20,310 feet (about 6,190 m) above sea level and the tallest mountain base-to-peak on land, measuring 18,000 feet (about 5,500 m) from its base to its summit. If measured from the base on land to its highest point, it is the highest mountain on Earth's surface. This embodies the corporate spirit of McKinley Investment. 

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McKinley Investment Group partners with regional, national, and global funding professionals to deliver McKinley resources, relationships, and technology to help clients achieve objectives across all major asset classes.

Trademark Notice: Our brand identity, including the name "McKinley" and the corresponding McKinley logo, is protected by registered trademarks that we own and hold exclusive legal rights to.

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